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Number the Stars book review

This book review is on Number the Stars by Lois Lowry.

Number the Stars is a great tale based on historical events. The remarkable plot and heartwarming scenes are all that build together this amazing novel. You are led by Annemarie- a ten year old Danish girl who seems to be living an ordinary life- and Ellen, A Jewish girl who is Annemarie's best friend. Set in Denmark during the Nazi occupation, the two must face danger right in the face.

The storyline reveals itself, with Annemarie and Ellen getting questioned by German soldiers, a great way to start the thrilling plot. Annemarie, the perfect protagonist, is faced with making rash decisions which could lead to somebody's death.

Lois Lowry, cleverly, entwines different themes into this tale, starting with friendship and stretching all the way to sacrifice. This book has the ability to go deep into your imagination and makes readers always consider the endless possibilities of the future.

The characters are well developed, making the readers see their lives and emotions.Annemarie's courage and determination are exquisite and play a big role in her character. She shows that you can always help out those in need even if you don't know it yet. The relationship of the friends is admirable and also shows that the two characters have a great bond.

The book provides a sight into the past, reflecting on the dark period of war. Through the chracters experience, the readers gain a valuable understanding of how people had to deal with World War 2. This book also shows the impact of War on ordinary people. In this book, the people stood up for themselves-even to the point where it may cost them their lives.

Number the Stars is a brilliant novel and a necessary read for 6th class, offering history, cliffhangers and heart-warming scenes. It encourages readers to reflect on the values of kindness, compassion and standing up for what you think is right. The suspense, emotions and characters in the story are well written and will be a great memory long after you've read it.

Written by A.B

6th class


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