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Maths Week 2023

We celebrated maths week in school with a wide range of activities.

The week began with a coding workshop in 3rd and 4th class where the girls learned to engineer and program a robot.

Several maths trails took place throughout the school during the week with the help of 6th class pupils. There was even a trail outside in the staff car park.

We had a daily maths problem announced over the intercom during the week which promoted pupils problem solving and critical thinking skills.

We had an estimation challenge where pupils throughout the school estimated how many sweets were in the school sweet jar. The closest guess won the jar for their class.

Classes through the school integrated maths across many subject areas during the week including music, art, science and geography.

Finally, the three sixth classes organised maths games to be played in the hall on Friday. Pupils from other classes played a range of fun, maths based games and had a wonderful time before receiving a certificate of participation.

Check out individual teacher blogs for more photos of Maths Week 2023!


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