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Christmas Fundraiser

This Christmas, the girls in Ms. Colgan's class nominated a charity they would like to fundraise for. Charities nominated included Barretstown, Dogs Trust and LauraLynn. We voted for the charity we wanted to donate to and LauraLynn was the chosen charity. If the children wanted to, they could donate one or two Euro to the charity. There was no pressure to do so.

We managed to raise a wonderful 70 euro for the LauraLynn charity. Thank you so much to everyone who donated.

Over the last three Christmases, children in Ms. Colgan's classes have raised over 500 euro for various children's charities. Well done to everyone who contributed and helped to make this possible.


About Laura Lynn

LauraLynn's mission is to provide a Community of Care that delivers evidence-based, personalised services to children with palliative care needs, complex care needs and complex disabilities, while also providing family support services and a home to our residents where quality-of-life is paramount'

To find out more about LauraLynn please see:


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